Spooky Squad is a kids horror comedy pilot produced by Make Film Do Good, and funded by Disney XD and Maker Studios.

This pilot episode features the story of a kid who falls into a Bigfoot print and turns into a Sasquatch. Also featured: a training montage, a crying montage, and karate.
Spooky Squad showcases a variety of Philadelphia improv and sketch comedians, including Jacquie Baker (The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie),  Corey Holland (Comedy Sports), Jolie Darrow (Barbara Bush), Brian Kelly (Secret Pants) and Ashlee Rose & Steve Swan (Dog Mountain). Philadelphia-based Chikara Pro Wrestling standouts, Icarus and Ophidian, also make appearances and provided stunt work.

This project was funded through Disney XD by Maker, an incubator program to find and develop talent in Disney’s network of web-based creators.